21 Under Stairs Pebble Garden Ideas

Many people see that space under the stairs as a great place for storage. And there are loads of great hacks about how to build shelving or cabinets that fill the awkward corner.

While these may be functional they often are not the most beautiful. And since the staircase often takes center stage in a home it’s a great area to do something with the wow-factor.

Ta da da daaa! Hello under stairs pebble garden!

It’s an interior design hack that is often used by luxury hotels to bring the feel of the outside into their lobby. If you have an open space under your staircase you can pull it off too!

These 21 under stairs pebble gardens are all visually stunning and are easy to achieve. Most are very low maintenance too. Let’s take a look!

1. The Orchid Centerpiece

Photo by esuarez6233 on Instagram

This nice little under stairs garden uses two different types of pebbles to create an interesting pattern with the stones. And the orchid centerpiece provides a beautiful splash of color.

That’s much better than a dusty corner to stick the vacuum cleaner or a thousand pairs of shoes!

2. The Mini Jungle Under The Stairs

This indoor pebble garden benefits from those amazing windows bathing the plants in light. The way that the plants are climbing into the stairwell space gives the effect of an indoor mini jungle.

And it’s only complimented by the fact that there is also tall greenery growing outside on the other side of the glass.

3. The Neat & Tidy Indoor Bamboo Garden

The bamboo gives this little garden height where it is needed. The driftwood completes look.

4. The Clean & Simple White Plant Pots Garden

The lighting in this under stairs pebble garden is superb and really turning it into a stunning feature.

5. The Mini Landscape Pebble Garden

This is little landscape under the stairs is adorable. I love those rocks that are suggesting the “mountains”. And the use of 3 tiers so the garden climbs up is perfect for under the stairs.

6. The Artifical Rock With Waterfall Indoor Garden

This understairs garden would be perfect for a dentists lobby. The calming water feature helps to create a relaxing mood.

7. The Message In A Bottle Under Stairs Beach

Sometimes just the right colors are all you need for your under stairs garden to work well. I love the two little bottles that have washed up on this pebble beach!

8. The Japanese Style Minature Rock Pool

It’s a little mini paradise hiding under the stairs! It makes me wish I was 2 inches tall so I could go swimming in the rock pool and climbing on the rocks. The house plants have become trees and the pebbles are creating the ocean. Fabulous work!

9. The Zen Rock Garden Under The Stairs

This is a great example of an indoor zen garden. The black pebbles and white pebbles are creating a yin and yang effect. It’s actually the fish tank in the wall that I love the most though. It really completes the vibe.

10. The Pebbles & Decking Under Stairs Garden

The bamboo provides great texture to what would be an otherwise plain white wall. The use of decking and pots makes this feel more organized and less ramshackle than some other indoor gardens.

11. The “Should Have Stuck With Shoes Storage” Under Stairs Garden

The is a great low maintenance indoor garden and it looks fantastic. But the 3 pairs of shoes that are balancing on the edge shows why many people opt of storage solutions under their stairs!

12. The Recessed Under Stairs Garden

The recessed floor means that the garden blends seamlessly with the rest of the room. That color of the sofa and the curtain matches the color of the pebbles is no accident. Someone has put in a great deal of thought to make this space hang together.

13. The Climbing Under Stairs Garden

With the plants shooting up and the lights hanging down upstairs and downstairs are merging in this area. Which is great because that’s what a staircase is for!

14. The Candle Lanterns Under Stairs Garden

I’d love to see this space in the evening with those candle lanterns burning.

15. The Not Quite Under The Stairs Garden

Who says under the stairs gardens need to be under the stairs? If you have a wide hall you can make a garden feature adjacent to the staircase. It can work equally well.

16. The Floating Staircase Garden

When you have a magical staircase such as this you need to pull off something magical for underneath. This is a great design for an understairs pebble garden.

17. The Minimalist Under Stairs Pebble Garden

Not every indoor garden needs to be complicated. This garden does not even have an edge for the pebbles which are simply resting on the tiles. I do wish they had found a way to hide that wall power outlet though!

18. Every Time You Go Upstairs You Climb A Mountain

Every time climb the stairs in this house you have conquered a mountain. I’m not sure if it counts for your exercise goals though.

19. The Dinosaurs Egg Garden

Something has laid a giant egg under the staircase. This indoor garden has so much going on. It’s a lovely way to decorate this area and you find something new every time you look at it.

20. The Outside-In Under Stairs Garden

If you have space like this with lovely large windows overlooking a garden. Why not create an indoor pebble garden to bring the outside in. It works great here under the stairs but you could use this idea in other rooms too.

21. The Fairy Forest Beach Under Stairs Garden

Who lives under this staircase? It feels somehow enchanted. I would not be surprised if a few fairies were hiding in the back somewhere.

What Do You Think?

Did you see any good ideas for a pebble garden under your own stairs? We hope you found some inspiration and are beginning to form a plan of your own.

Let us know in the comments if anything resonated with you.

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