Easy Composting Without A Bin, Container or Even Digging A Trench

So much is written about composting and if you are not a serious gardener it can be intimidating.

Maybe you wouldn’t call yourself a gardener at all but you probably do eat food and need to dispose of food waste.

Here are three simple ways you can get rid of some food scraps with minimum hassle. We promise it won’t be any harder than taking out the trash!

Chopped Banana Skins

You can chop banana skins into small pieces and just scatter them as direct fertilizer in your garden The smaller you chop them the faster they will decompose.

Yes, it would be more effective to compost them first but it’s not necessary.

Bananas are actually prized fertilizer that many rose growers swear by. They are one of the best things you can add to your soil.

If you are concerned about the appearance then you can bury them a little by minute mixing them into the soil.

But if that idea sounds like hard work then don’t fret about it. It’s not necessary. You’ll very quickly be unable to tell your chopped banana skins from the rest of your soil.

It’s amazing how an intact banana skin looks like trash but once they’ve been chopped and they’ve turned brown they just look like mulch.

Ground Coffee Beans

You can scatter your ground coffee waste into your soil. It’s brown already so it’s not going to be visually noticeable. Coffee is a great source of nitrogen for the plants in your garden.

If you want more you can usually pick up used ground coffee from coffee shops for free.

Also if you’re not a coffee drinks tea can be another useful direct fertilizer.

If you have a garden it makes no sense to put used coffee into your trash can. You can dump it right there on the ground and it will help your plants grow!

Crushed Egg Shells

You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs…

And that’s good news for your garden soil.

Simply make your omelet, wash the eggshells, let them dry, and then crush them in a bag until they are in small pieces.

You can scatter these crushed eggshells directly on to your garden soil.

What Do You Think?

Photo by Jennifer C

There you have it. Three easy common kitchen scraps that are highly beneficial for your garden soil.

You can use them all directly in the garden with very little effort. If you grow anything in your garden or yard it makes little sense to put these things into the trash when it’s so easy to recycle them.

And no need for a composting bin or even digging trench holes either.

Let us know what you think in the comments about these lazy gardeners tips.

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