Where To Find Vintage Tools For Sale?

Whether you are looking to buy vintage woodworking tools as a collector or an active woodworker it’s always good to know all the places to find them.

This post is all about where to find those beautiful antique hand tools.

Where To Find Antique Tools For Sale

Hand tool woodworking is enjoying a resurgence. This makes it harder to find good bargains but they are still out there.

Be careful buying from eBay or other auction sites. Often the old tools will be missing parts and not be in a usable condition.

The best places to find antique tools are:

Antique Woodworking Tools For Sale Near Me

This wonderful map is maintained by woodbywright.com

Click the icon in the top left corner and you can filter the map to find old hand tools near you.

Follow The Vintage Tool Scene On Social Media

You can find people discussing antique handtools on all the major social media platforms.

Okay maybe not TicTok, but there is a thriving community on Instagram, be careful it’s very addictive!

If you see something you like why not strike up a conversation and see if you can make a deal. Everything has a price.

The Bottom Line

You can find vintage woodworking tools for sale all around.

If you want to get something in working condition then it’s best to go with a reputable hand tool restorer.