Landscaping Around Trees (Awesome Ideas For Your Garden)

Are you tired of looking at the worn-out and baron area of landscaping around the trees in your yard? I know that I get a tinge of sadness every time that I look out into my yard to the disappointing view of my bare rooted tree or at the unruly weeds and grass that have taken over where the weed eater mercifully missed them. Either way, the view is not what I would call pleasant or happy. So what is holding me back from having beautiful landscaping around my trees? This question can be answered with one word; MONEY!

Without the extra cash to afford such things as designer landscaping bricks or other pre-made landscaping elements, I turned my attention to the resources of the internet for some inexpensive do-it-yourself ideas. I found some incredibly interesting and unique tree landscaping ideas that nearly anyone can do for little to no money at all. As a matter of fact, there were so many great ideas that I had to share these creative tree landscaping ideas with you. If you also are looking to “spruce” up the landscaping around the trees in your yard, check out these examples of outside-of-the-box solutions.

Surround Your Tree With Love and Then Sit On It

Creating a beautiful space around the base of a tree can not only create a pleasant look, but it may also provide you and your family with an extra gathering area to sit and enjoy the pleasant outdoor weather. The cost of this type of landscaping solution can vary depending on from where you obtain the building materials. Lumberyards and do-it-yourself centers are great resources for purchasing brand new materials. For those who are in search of a cost-free solution, it is possible to use boards that are left over from other projects or are re-purposed if they are in good condition.


Benches and Relaxation Areas

These contemporary seat to ground benches create a cozy and inviting outdoor area that take care of disguising bare soil and weeding issues often associated with tree landscaping. Surrounding the base of the tree gives you the opportunity to enjoy your warm summer in the cool shade from any view.

Even trees located in odd or out-of-the-way places can benefit from this design solution.

Benches can be shaped and formed to enhance the beauty and natural flow of a landscape without compromising the natural beauty of the greenery.

If a wooden bench is not what you are looking for, check out these metal alternatives. These weather resistant benches are both beautiful and durable. Unfortunately for the population who do not dabble in metalworking, these benches often carry a heavy price tag.

A more economical approach is to use more of the materials that are found naturally around your property such as sticks and stones.

There are endless possibilities for creating your very own seating element for around your trees when considering bench ideas. But, if a bench is not what you are looking for, perhaps a more floral solution is the answer.


Shade Loving Flowers

Plant Them and They Will Bloom

Planting an assortment of grasses, flowers, and shrubbery around the base of a tree is a great solution to brightening up a boring landscape.

Create Strong Island Beds for Definition

Depending on your individual taste and landscaping style, you may be looking for a uniform and structured planting plan.

Go Wild With Planting

Mix It Up

Or, you may have a wild, free, and untamed approach to your floral landscaping for around your tree.

There are many different designs that can be created with color, height, and season when dealing with shade loving plants and flowers.

The beauty of using flowers and fauna to fill in the spaces around your trees is not limited to just the visual image that this type of tree skirting provides. Often this type of planting is used to cover large amounts of landscaping area with breathtaking results.


To get the most out of the landscaping, it pays to make sure that many of the plants that are prosperous in these types of areas are perennial varieties.

This will ensure a yearly re-occurring landscaping element to which you can add your choice of annuals each year.

Multiple beds of color themed flowers make a bold and uplifting sight to this landscaping plan for these courtyard trees.

This type of planting will allow you to change the color scheme for the year of your landscaping or flower choices if you desire.

These ideas are perfect for the person who has a “green thumb,” the time, and the ability to keep landscaping alive. But what about the other outside enthusiasts who are desperate to address the issues with the landscaping around their trees?

To Those With the Lack of a Green Thumb: Don’t Count Yourself Out!

There is something that those lacking in the gift of gardening can do to elevate the boring state of their tree landscaping: introduce fairies and fairy villages.

Enter the Magical World of Tree Fairies


Creating a home for these illusive creatures can add a mystical and decorative element to the base of trees without the need for live plants.

This type of tree decorating is even effective long into the throws of winter in many cases.

There are no limits to the amount of fairy dwellings or accessories that you can introduce to this type of magical landscape.


Whether they are hand made or store bought, these tiny little homes bring a smile to visitor’s faces while creating a unique and fun landscape element for around your trees.

Regardless of whether you choose to add the comforts of a wood or metal bench, the beauty of flowers or greenery, or the fun and whimsical elements of a a fairy village, these elements will entice your visitors into your garden to take a stroll amongst your trees and share in the enjoyment of your labor of love.

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  1. Great ideas for dead trees, but if the tree is alive let it be. Most of a tree’s feeder roots are within the top layer of soil. Trees need water and oxygen same as any other plant (but more so). Mulch the bare soil, okay. The mulch should NOT be mounded over the root flare or touch the bark. Never add additional topsoil around a tree.

  2. These pics are so gorgeous! I wish more homeowners saw their trees as a chance for added landscaping rather than treating them like an afterthought. Thanks for sharing!


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