Hoverfly vs. Wasp: What’s the Difference?

People have a certain negative preconceived notion about some bugs. Most people don’t really trust those shifty insects with their wings and that menacing attitude. Of course, I’m referring to those insects that have the ability to cause us intense pain from those deranged stingers, like wasps!  We know you don’t like wasps. We feel … Read more

What Are Elderberries and Where Are They Found?

The elderberry is a fast-growing, nitrogen-loving shrub, indigenous to North America and Europe, that prefers forested areas, farms, or rural areas with lots of organic waste. They’re often used as hedges in Europe because they are easily shaped and spread quickly. It’s related to the honeysuckle and its creamy white and yellow flowers emit a … Read more

Stevia: grow this natural alternative sweetener in your garden

On many market trip occasions I have purchased a variety of brands for sugar substitutes. Faced with the decision between flavor and nutrition, I became happily accustomed to stevia, an alternative to sugar derived from the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. Stevia has gained a great deal of popularity as current health concerns drive food companies to … Read more

Centipede vs. Millipede: What’s The Difference?

While they are both creepy crawly insects, centipedes and millipedes are not the same creatures, although many get these two types of long, many-legged bugs mixed up and it can be hard to tell the difference. Knowing the difference between these arthropods can mean the difference between walking away from an encounter unscathed and needing … Read more

How Do You Get Rid of Ants Naturally?

We each create gardens for different reasons. For some, it’s a pure love of growing plants and flowers. For others, it’s about creating beautiful outdoor spaces live in. If all you are about is growing plants and flower then let’s be clear. Ants are your friends. They work hard tunneling through the soil and redistribute nutrients. … Read more

How to Keep Flowers Fresh and Make Them Last Longer

Flowers always make a great gift… But how do you keep them fresh and alive for longer No matter how big or small the arrangement, anyone who gets them is always grateful for a chance to have a little bit of nature for their office or home. Some luxurious arrangements can be expensive, especially if they … Read more