How To Get into a Kayak from the Dock

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Getting in and out of the kayak is easy if you know the tricks. Probably the best place to do it is from a low dock. But before you hop in, remember to check your equipment.

Let’s break that into 3 steps:

Step 1: Equipment Check

First, make sure that you are wearing a life vest and that it is properly fitted. If you are using a spray skirt, it is a good idea to fold it up so that you will not accidentally sit over it when entering the kayak. Remember to place the paddle so that you will reach it easily.

Step 2: Edge Towards The Kayak Grab The Center

Keep in mind that when you move your weight over the kayak, it needs to be exactly at the centreline. Otherwise, the kayak will tip. So first take a firm hold from the back of the cockpit coaming and check that your feet are at also near the centreline.

Step 3: Lift & Twist

Lift yourself up while keeping your weight mainly on your handsMove your bottom inside the cockpit.

Getting out of the kayak is done in the same way but in the opposite order.

– If you are using a spray skirt, the easiest way to attach it is by starting from behind and moving towards simultaneously on both sides.